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We offer a wide range of investigative services for businesses and individuals.

Contact us to determine if we can meet your needs or we will be 

happy to refer you to one of our partner agencies.

Baseline Investigations can help you with:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Insurance Fraud
  • False Injury Claims
  • Elder Fraud and Abuse
  • Breach of Contract
  • Violation of NDA / Non Compete clauses
  • Employee Theft
  • False Time Sheets

We may be able to assist you by conducting interviews, records checks, surveillance, skip tracing, asset location and other investigative techniques.  

We will prepare a professionally written report and testify in court if desired.

Non Criminal Matters

As a licensed private investigation agency, Baseline Investigations can investigate non criminal matters and provide information to assist your business with hiring, termination and disciplinary decisions.

  • Employee Misconduct / Violations of Policy or Work Agreements
  • Records Checks - basic data base checks to confirm information on a job application or partnership agreement
  • Background Investigations - a more thorough investigation that includes requesting information from law enforcement agencies and conducting interviews to determine if an applicant is concealing negative information

Why use a private investigation agency?

  • Investigation of non criminal matters
  • Avoid the publicity of public records disclosures
  • We can assist you with criminal investigations when law enforcement is unable to focus on your case due to lack of time and resources.  We can devote the time you need to get results and we will coordinate with law enforcement if you choose to prosecute.