I started my career in law enforcement at the Independence, Missouri, Police Department where I served as a Patrol Officer with additional duties on the Tactical Support Team executing high risk search warrants.

Wanting a chance to expand my career, I joined the Phoenix Police Department where I served as a Patrol Officer and promoted to Sergeant.  My duties in Patrol Operations included assignments on the Tactical Response Unit and as a Field Training Officer.  I was also a Community Action Officer where I provided liaison to members of the community and served as a resource to address citizens' concerns and solve criminal activity.  This required networking and creative problem solving since the concerns were often complex and never identical.  

I promoted and returned to Patrol Operations where I served as a Patrol Sergeant and a Field Training Sergeant.  I spent most of my career as a Sergeant leading a Neighborhood Enforcement Team.  This specialized squad of Officers focused on identifying and resolving criminal activity in a specific geographic area.  In this capacity, we assisted agencies on the state and federal level.  During this time, I became a Task Force Officer on the FBI's Violent Crime Task Force.  

Before retiring, my final assignment in law enforcement was as the Resource Sergeant assigned to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  I was responsible overseeing and conducting criminal investigations and providing training for civilian and law enforcement personnel.  I served as a Terrorism Liaison Officer and was again assigned as a Task Force Officer on the FBI's Violent Crime Task Force where I held a Top Secret security clearance.  In this assignment, I met and worked with Jim Egelston. During our time together, we investigated threats to aviation and facilities.  Seeing the growing trend in violent incidents worldwide, we collaborated and developed an active shooter presentation that we provided to numerous groups.

During my career, I also served as a Firearms Instructor and Range Master.  I was a member of the Phoenix Police Department’s Firearms Committee and the Sergeants Training Committee, both of which were responsible for training and policy matters.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology.  While attending college, I joined the United States Marine Corps where I served as a member of the Security Platoon assigned to a Headquarters Company.  As a member of this platoon, I held several assignments and left with the rank of Corporal.

After a 35-year career in law enforcement I retired in 2018.  I am still active and volunteer my time assisting a nonprofit group search for missing persons to bring some resolution to their families.