Active Shooter Training



Do your employees know what to do in case of an active shooter?  Let us use our experience to train your employees on the basics of Run, Hide, Fight.  We can also help your company develop a response plan specific to your business.


We will work with executive management and your security team to help you identify potential indicators of targeted violence.  While there is no known "profile" of someone who may commit an act of targeted violence, changes in a person's behavior may indicate they are planning an act of violence.


A common misconception is that criminal investigation and prosecution is always the best way to address someone who may pose a threat.  While law enforcement should always be notified of potential threats, the criminal justice system may be unable to mitigate the threat.  We can coordinate with professionals in law enforcement, mental health and social services to develop alternative solutions that are often more effective.  We can help your business contact the appropriate outside resources and work with your Managers, HR and Security Department to develop your own Threat Management Team.

Threat Assessments

Are you already concerned about a disgruntled employee or irrational customer?  In addition to reporting the matter to law enforcement, you may want to have a Threat Assessment prepared to determine the level of risk the individual may pose and develop a mitigation plan.  Simply firing a disgruntled employee takes them off your payroll but may actually increase the risk of violence.  Let us help you develop a comprehensive plan to deal with potential threats.

Vulnerability Assessments

We will work with your managers and security team to inspect your facilities and review your procedures.  We will make recommendations to help you make your workplace less vulnerable to an act of violence.  Identifying vulnerabilities can help you make the best use of your resources.

Questions or Concerns?

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